The Time is Money Pop Up Shop Highlights!

Last Saturday I had the pleasure of bringing people and independent fashion brands together at my Time is Money Pop Up Shop Party. Since publishing my self-development book, Time is Money, in March, I’ve set about creating a platform for entrepreneurs and creatives. The success of last week’s event has ensured me that this initiative is a great one and I look forward to working with new people that have a talent or idea that they wish to get out there to a wider audience.

I also performed a new spoken word piece on the night called Pandora’s box which I will be working on some visuals for. You can catch a snippet of my poem on my Instagram @tannikataylor and keep up with all that is Time is Money on the project page @timeismoneyldn via Instagram.

The brands that featured on the night were amazing. Their products are one of a kind with a high quality factor. Be sure to check out Liquor Life, ILRAMIK, Ronnie London, Far More Advanced Clothing and Gassed Clothing and their streetwear and lifestyle collections for your Summer picks!

I showcased some new releases that will be coming under my own fashion business, Unique Boutique London, at the event before I fly out to Milan at the end of June for the photoshoot. An important factor of my Time is Money project is to capitalise on exposure. I sold my books, featured my brand and performed at my Time is Money Pop Up Shop Party as these are all fundamentals of my developing empire. 

Creatives like Kimarli Allen also performed his new music material and showcased his ILRAMIK brand and the pop up shop event, and spoken word poet, Kiraya Kawesa gave a heartfelt performance for the second time since featuring in my latest book. The event was hosted by entrepreneur, actor and host Samuel Williams who always does a brilliant job interacting with his audience. These three gentlemen share their experiences in Time is Money and you can find out more about them by purchasing my book at

Images courtesy of Nigma Shoots & Lollycomms Photography 

Come Out to the Time is Money Pop Up Shop Party for Independent Brands!

The Time is Money Project continues with an event that brings the people to some of the best upcoming brands and creative’s in London. The Time is Money Pop Up Shop Party will feature Unique Boutique London, ILRAMIK, Far More Advanced Clothing, Ronnie London, Liquor Life and skincare products from Forever Living.

There will be a few performances on the night to keep guests entertained before ChinxMMM handles the music and good vibes for the rest of th evening. There will be free food and cupcakes, rum punch for those that want to turn up and soft drunks for those who want to keep it chill and network with the brand’s and creative’s that will be around. Tickets are available on Eventbrite for £7 and will be more on the door. 

The Time is Money Project aims to promote creative’s and highlight that supporting each other as young people is something more people should be doing. We need to uplift each other and create positive representations of ourselves that the upcoming generation can aspire to. 

Come out and enjoy a night of independent fashion brands, performances, refreshments and much more.

T K Williams-Nelson

Time is Money in Los Angeles

The Time is Money journey gave me the opportunity to travel to Los Angeles with one of my creative contributors, Samuel Williams, to attend the LA Times Festival of Books. Not only did I have the pleasure of meeting some great authors from all fields and genres, but I was able to explore the city and all it had to offer.

From the food (where I was very happy to be having dessert for breakfast), to the Hollywood Walk of Fame where I spotted famous names like Viola Davis, Houdini & Bruce Lee, my LA experience was a wonderful one. The museums were rich in knowledge in ways you wouldn’t expect from a city primarily known for entertainment, and I enjoyed expanding my mind at the Museum of Death & the L Ron Hubbard Museum. Would definitely recommend giving these places a visit if you ever touch down in the beautiful city.

The book festival itself was a great space to meet authors and other creatives with crazy ideas just like my own, and learning about the different publishing processes that even established authors have had problems with. For anyone that wants to start writing a book, or may have an idea already but need guidance on how to move forward, then festivals and events like these are essential to getting information that you’re most likely going to need. The world of publishing is a giant one, don’t get lost in it.

The street art in LA was also something that intrigued me very much. Many people express themselves through art and text in the most unique ways. You don’t even have to look out for the art, it stands out regardless. My favourite was this piece featuring Tupac.

When I think about how I started writing this book in June last year, I would have never thought that less that a year later I’d be babbling on about it in LA. It just goes to show that anything can happen. Writing Time is Money, and even maintaining the project has come after its release has been my biggest challenge to date. I have had to deal with situations I’ve never dealt with before and put up with a lot from people in order to stay true to me and fulfil my vision. It is all part of the journey. Travelling to LA has made me realise what makes me happy, and that’s doing me and being able to give myself these opportunities through what I do, and what I know I’m good at doing. Keep pushing, and level up in any way you can.

T K Williams-Nelson 

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What’s to come from my Time is Money x Women to Watch Series!

There is enough success to be achieved in the world for everyone to make it. That is what inspired me to put together a Women to Watch series of interviews and discussions as part of my Time is Money project.

Lola Michaels, Priscilla & Adoberae are paving the way in their different areas of talent and expertise. They talk about what they do and why they do it. They show that collaboration should not be feared but embraced. As women we can achieve so much more by coming together rather than competing with each other in unhealthy ways.

Subscribe to my Time is Money UK to catch what we’ve been sharing about business and much more when the first Women to Watch content comes in May!

You can purchase Time is Money from or Amazon!

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The Myth Surrounding Epilepsy

Epilepsy is a neurological disorder that can affect people of all ages, and is one of the most unpredictable disorders out there. This post is about raising awareness about epilepsy, which is often misunderstood by many. My mother has suffered with the condition for several years and as a result, has been unable to work anymore. Seeing her suffer with the illness has been difficult, but what is even worse is that many people she has encountered don’t even consider epilepsy to be a ‘real’ illness. The government has ruled that she is not ‘disabled’ enough to be off work which has motivated me to write this piece and let people know what dealing with epilepsy is really like. 

It is true that people with epilepsy can live a fully functional life. There are obvious restrictions due to the seizure aspect of the condition, but most people living with epilepsy can do normal day to day activities. However, people suffering with the illness can be both a danger to themselves and others. There are a wide range of symptoms that stem from epilepsy including violent shaking, grinding of the teeth and biting of the tongue, and each person’s epilepsy can be different. In my mother’s case, she is unaware that she is having a seizure until she comes around, but when I suffered with the illness when I was younger, I was able to feel my seizures coming and was able to alert someone for help. A person can have a seizure whilst at work and put others at risk in environments such a catering or retail. This is because during a seizure, the brain can actually still process information. For example, my mother will wake up in the morning and turn on the kettle to make tea. She has a seizure whilst doing this, yet her mind is still processing her intention so she picks up the kettle and pours out the water. The problem is she has poured this water on her foot instead of into the cup, and even after doing this, she puts the kettle back on the base and heads to the living room to sit down as if she is going to watch the TV. Not until my mother comes out of the seizure does she feel the pain of her scolded foot. Others that suffer from epilepsy are unable to control their bladder during a seizure and most are unable to respond verbally.

These symptoms of epilepsy make it difficult for sufferers to maintain consistent employment as many companies would rather not take the risk. In addition to this, because epilepsy is such a spectrum condition a lot of people won’t know how to deal with a person that is having a seizure. Growing up in a household where my mother has seizures regularly, I have adapted my lifestyle to accommodate this. I sleep very lightly so I can hear if she falls over or knocks something down. I try to keep her eyes focused on me and keep talking to her about familiar things to try and bring her around faster. In cases where I’m unable to move her, I lay with her where she is and just let her know that I’m there and it will be over soon. This is only when I’m around. When my mother is on her own and has a seizure, the only way she knows is if she has made a mess or has hurt herself in some way.

Seeing someone have an epileptic fit is not easy let alone dealing with it on a regular basis. People should bare in mind that despite being able to live a fully functioning life, it is not fair to not see this condition as a serious one. People should not be forced to work knowing that stress can actually make their condition even worse and it’s families and friends behind the scenes that have to deal with the aftermath.

I came across a tweet by a young woman named Siobhan recently about her epilepsy and I wanted to feature her story to give people another insight into what it’s like living with the condition. Siobhan was diagnosed with epilepsy at the age of 10. Even though she has come to terms with her condition, she has observed that her mood fluctuates between good and bad when not on her medication. In addition to this, and a common restriction for those that suffer with epilepsy is that Siobhan is unable to drive. Driving is not allowed for 6 months after a seizure which makes it near impossible for those that have then regularly to become a road user. Her mother also suffered with epilepsy but grew out of the illness. Siobhan wonders that if doctors took more time to understand her condition before placing her on medication, would she have grown out of hers too. 

There will always be misconceptions about epilepsy, but being someone that experiences’ it first hand, I felt that it was important to talk about on my space.

T K Williams-Nelson 

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Why I wrote my new book Time is Money…

Tannika x Time is Money

Check out my new interview on the Time is Money UK channel now via the link above! I talk about why I wrote my new self-development book, working with my all male team and running my fashion business Unique Boutique London. 

The first of a series of interviews and other visual content showcasing different people talking about what they do and why they love it. It has been an amazing experience so far being the creative director for my Time is Money project alongside promoting my new book. I aim to create a platform, and the fact that this platform is up and running now makes me excited for what amazing stuff I have in store for you guys!

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Thank you for an AMAZING Time is Money Book Launch!

Now that I have had time to take in the incredible response to my book launch that took place on Sunday, I’d like to thank everyone again for coming out and supporting my performers, speakers and myself. The night was a huge success with mini pop ups by my boutique, Unique Boutique London, Liquor Life and ILRAMIK.

It was great talking Time is Money, The project that I’m launching alongside it and my plans for my fashion brands. I am so humbled by everyone that took in my words and shared my positive vibes.

Oga Samuel did a brilliant job hosting the event and performers Kiraya and Kimarli captured the hearts of the audience with their moving acts.

Speakers included Liquor Life founder Ryan Moore and Empowering Queens founder Yassin Bojang who were great at expressing their inspirations, motivations and empowering experiences.

I couldn’t have asked for a better team of creatives to work with and a better way to launch my third book that is available for pre-order now at 

All pre-orders will be shipped on the 14th of March & Time is Money will be available to order at all online book retailers from the 21st March 2017.

Check out the rest of the event Images below:

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Blessings from Tannika 

What is the Time is Money Project?

I’m a big believer of capitalising on opportunities, and my Time is Money Project is a platform that is built upon my new self-development book. It was one thing for me to pen my experiences and advise people on how to maintain money, use their time efficiently and find a path that suits them on paper. I wanted to take it further and my Time is Money Project allows me to do that by giving other artists and creatives the opportunity to showcase what they are about. 

T K Williams-Nelson

We live in a society where believe it or not, people are not supporting each other the way that they should. With my Time is Money Project I aim to elevate others in a world where everyone is so competitive that we forget the fact that as a unit, we can do so much more. If you are trying to become successful at what you do, you will have to learn how to appreciate someone else’s grind just as much as you believe in yours. Your network is your net worth. How are you meant to build a network without communicating with others similar to yourself? 

I chose to feature five other creative’s in my book Time is Money. I did this because these creative’s have something else to offer people that read my book. They have experienced things that I never have and this allows my book to help more people. All of them are talented people and I wanted people to know that. Now my Time is Money Project will allow me to showcase the raw talent of creative’s through different events such as pop up shops and performance showcases. If you are someone involved in fashion, or a performer that wants to showcase your talent on a stage then get in touch.

Samuel Williams, Kiraya Kawesa and Kimarli Allen

Not only will I be using events to help promote other businesses and creative’s, I have set up a YouTube Channel called Time is Money UK that will feature visuals of both women and men to watch in different industries. There will be interviews featuring my creative contributors and other talented people that have a voice, and are serious about that voice being heard. There is so much to come from my Time is Money Project, and I feel blessed to be in a position to launch such an initiative at 21 years old. I’m here to build, and if you want to build too, join the movement!

Interviews coming soon to the Time is Money UK Channel but for now why not check out the Behind The Scenes video of my Time is Money Penthouse photoshoot with Courtney Barnes –

My Time is Money Book Launch Event –

In June 2016 I decided that I was going to write a self-development book based on my experiences as a young person in business and as a creative. I then went about establishing an all male creative team (not intentionally) to feature in what is now known as Time is Money. I am happy to finally announce the launch event for my new short self-development book that aims to inspire young people, creative’s and individuals in business. 

Experiences by Samuel Williams, Kimarli Allen, Kiraya Kawesa and Maverick & Malachi also feature in Time is Money about their involvement in the creative areas of entertainment, poetry and music and how they have overcome challenges in their creative careers. This book is significant to me because I have opened up about many failures as well as successes. I wanted to let people know that despite being in business and writing books, there were still hurdles that I had to face and there were times that I lost motivation, but the real story is about picking myself back up and making things happen. I never gave up, and I feel that it’s important for others to know that it’s okay to make mistakes. You can always adjust and create a new plan, but this only starts by having a goal to begin with.

There will be performances by my creative contributors Kiraya Kawesa and Kimarli, with the event hosted by entertainer OgaSamuel. Entrepreneur talks will be given by Ryan Moore, founder of Liquor Life UK and Yassin Bojang, founder of Empowering Queens. There will be mini pop up shops by my boutique, Unique Boutique London featuring my new street wear brand Urban Underground and pop up shops by Liquor Life UK and ILRAMIK on the night.

Anyone that knows me knows that I love to bake so I will have free cupcakes for all those that attend on the night and there will be spa, drink and clothing giveaways on the night too! 

Time is Money is my third book, but the first book that I have had the opportunity to launch with those that I have encountered on my journey through life. It will be a night of good vibes, music, networking and support for all those that grace the stage. Tickets for my launch party are available at and I hope to see you all there!

Blog post about my Time is Money Project that will follow the release of my book will be up next week.

T K Williams-Nelson

The Empowering Queens Networking Event: Inspire and Be Inspired!

I had the privilege of speaking to a room full of ambitious and driven ladies at the Empowering Queens networking event on Saturday about my approach to running my fashion business, Unique Boutique London.

Empowering Queens is an organisation founded by young entrepreneur Yassin Bojang, and aims to bring women together in different areas of the industry to network and inspire. Yassin has been a good friend of mine since we met at university, and it was amazing to see how people came together to support her and each other.

Speakers included myself and Joanna (pictured above) who works at Google and has asserted herself as the beautiful, fierce woman she is in a male dominated workplace. 

The event was hosted by the lovely Monique, who did a brilliant job getting everyone involved and interacting with each other. Before each speaker went up, she led a motivational chant that was a very unique touch to any social gathering.

There is a lot more to come from Empowering Queens and the women that come together because of it. It is an initiative that is essential to the development of young people, and it was a lovely experience being a part of it.

T K Williams-Nelson