The Green Home grant is a government scheme that allows homeowners in England to get vouchers up to £5000 to make their homes more energy efficient. The grant can assist you with improvements such as insulation and double glazing, but this guide outlines the fine print of the scheme.

The scheme aims to make your home more energy efficient.

You will still need to financially contribute to the improvements that you make.

In most cases, the vouchers will be worth two-thirds of the cost of your improvements, therefore you would need to contribute the remaining costs. A maximum of £5000 is available per household.

For example, if you install double-glazing for £3000, you would pay £1000 and the government with cover the remaining £2000.

If you have a low income, you could be entitled to vouchers worth up to £10,000 depending on your circumstances.

You have only six months to get your improvements completed.

The government has highlighted that work under the scheme needs to be complete by 31st March 2021. This gives applicants six months to apply for the grant, organise the work to be done and have it completed.

You have until 31st March 2021 to complete your improvements.

The grant is available to all homeowners excluding new build properties.

You can apply for the grant if you own your home, including those who are on long leaseholds and shared ownership.

What about landlords?

Landlords who own private rented housing can also apply for the scheme. If you’re a tenant, you won’t be able to apply for the grant, but it may be worth discussing it with your landlord to see if they will make improvements to your home.

There are restrictions on what home improvements you can make.

It would be great if you could use the vouchers on the home improvements you want most, but the government has outlined restrictions as to what improvements can be made.

To qualify for financial support you must install a minimum of one primary improvement:


Low carbon heating

Once you’ve installed at least one primary improvement, you can then get up to the same amount in vouchers for your secondary improvements:


Double or triple glazing

Energy efficient doors

Heating controls and insulation

It’s important to note that the funding for your secondary improvements will be up to the amount of funding you received for your primary improvements.

For example, if you get £2000 for your primary improvements, you can only get up to a maximum of £2000 funding for your secondary improvements.

Investing in solar panels are another great way to make your home more energy efficient.

Thinking about applying? Here’s what you need to do:

1. Use the Simple Energy Advice eligibility calculator to check what funding is available to you.

2. Find local registered tradespeople and get quotes for each piece of work.

The government suggests you get three quotes for each improvement. It is essential that all work is carried out by registered tradespeople.

3. Apply for your vouchers on the government website. You will need proof of identity and confirmation of your registered tradespeople for your application.

4. If you’re application is successful, you will be able to carry out your improvements. Once the work is complete, you will need a dated invoice to redeem your voucher.

Any work carried out before your voucher has been issued won’t be covered by the voucher, so it’s important that you don’t start any improvements until you know your application has been approved.


Go green!

Going green can save you money on your energy bills and help to save the planet. Homeowners should take advantage of the scheme while they can, however only do so if you know you are able to make the financial commitment.

T K Williams-Nelson

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