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We have launched our new business and finance consultation services to provide reliable advice during and beyond the pandemic. The last year has impacted people all over the world differently and we sure have felt it on our end too.

Some businesses have been able to thrive whilst others are struggling to stay afloat. Some people have invested well whilst others have had to rely on food banks. We’re not just another service, we are a resource.


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We provide a 30 minute free consultation so we know exactly what you would like to achieve from your booking before preparing a solution pack that is tailored to your needs.



Whether it’s creating a personal budget plan or recommending the best resources (and teach you how to use them), we are here to help you get the most out of your money.

We have have a range of saving solutions for those who want to put something aside for a rainy day, and for those who are thinking about how to secure their future.

With supporters from across the globe, our researchers not only focus on the UK, but tips and tricks that help our international followers to build their wealth and dedicate more time to their health. If the last year has taught us anything, it is to prepare for the worst, and that includes financially.


Thank you for breaking down the way the money will be spent and it’s the clarity that I needed.

Anthony A. – Business consultation


If you have an original idea that you want to present to the world, we can help you make it happen. From business plans to protecting your intellectual property before release, our consultations can help you take your business to new heights.

Every business is different, regardless if you are within the same sector or industry. Big businesses can have similar problems to small businesses and vice versa. Our resources are tailored to your needs because your business is unique.


With our free 30 minute consultation, we can pin point exactly what you need to focus on before you pay a penny.

Book your free 30 minute consultation today!


What Is A Pyramid Scheme?

A pyramid scheme is a ‘business model’ that allows senior members to recruit new members. New members often pay upfront fees to the senior members who enrolled them.

As new members begin to enrol other members, a portion of the fees they are paid are sent up the business chain. These schemes can often be described as pyramid scams, and are considered illegal in some countries.


What to watch out for:

* A pyramid scheme funnels funds from those lower in the business chain to those at the top of the business chain.

* Pyramid schemes are often associated with fraudulent activity.

* Most pyramid schemes depend on profiting from recruitment fees rather than the sale of actual goods and services.

* A pyramid scheme resembles a pyramid structure because they start with a single point at the top and this point becomes wider towards the bottom.

A pyramid scheme starts with a single point and becomes wider towards the bottom.

Different types of pyramid schemes:

* Multi-level Marketing Pyramid Scheme

Multi-level marketing (MLM) is a legal business practice, but the business model involves selling goods and services. Participants are not obligated to close any sales in order to generate income. Instead, they earn income by recruiting new members.

* Chain Emails

Chain emails persuade people to donate money to everyone listed within the email. After donations are made, the donor has the opportunity to add his/her name to the list before forwarding the chain to his/her group of contacts with the hope of receiving donations in the same way.

* Ponzi Schemes

A ponzi scheme is an investment con that doesn’t always have a pyramid scheme structure. They promise high returns to existing investors by taking investment funds from new investors. Most participants end up losing their investment entirely.

Before investing in any scheme, business, or project, it is essential that you do your research. Always understand that capital is at risk. Pyramid can seem like a good idea in the short-term, but if you want to make money without the illegal ties, you should avoid these all together.


T K Williams-Nelson

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15 Best Life Insurance Companies Of 2021

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Our friends at have researched the best 15 life insurance companies of 2021 that will help you get the most out of your hard earned money, and now we’re sharing them with you too.


What is life insurance?

Life insurance, which is also referred to as life cover, is a financial policy that protects your loved ones in the event of your death. The amount that you pay for your life insurance is dependent on how much cover you need, and how long you need it for. The majority of policies are designed to release a lump sum to your loved ones if you pass away to manage finances such as household bills, funeral costs and other expenses.

Is life insurance necessary?

The choice to take out a life insurance policy is completely up to you. If you have loved ones that are dependent on you financially then life insurance can be a great benefit. It provides peace of mind that you know your family will have what they need once you’re gone. If you’re retired and have no dependents, you may not feel the need to take out a life insurance policy. The choice is related to your individual circumstances.

How much cover you need and how long you need it for depends on individual circumstances.

What are the best life insurance companies on the market?

Researchers from have found the top 15 life insurance companies of 2021 that can provide the best protection for you and your family.’s Top Picks

Northwestern Mutual – Best overall 

Nationwide – Highest customer satisfaction

Mutual of Omaha – Best for complex medical histories

New York Life – Best for mutual insurance

Mass Mutual – Best for Covid-19 workers

State Farm – Best for immediate term coverage

Guardian Life – Good survivorship policies

USAA Life Insurance – Best for military and veterans

Liberty Mutual – Best for quick approval

Life insurance can give you peace of mind that your family are protected financially.

Best Online Life Insurance Options:

Bestow – Best life insurance without a health exam

Haven Life – Fast access to MassMutual term life policies online

Policygenius – Easily compare life insurance quotes from different providers

HealthIQ – Good health can lower your monthly premium

Sproutt – Pricing based on their Quality of Life Index

Ethos – Simple and efficient process


Find out more about’s 15 best life insurance companies of 2021 here.

T K Williams-Nelson

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What Is The Process Of Probate?

When someone has died, there are certain processes that need to be completed before the estate can be distributed to beneficiaries. Probate is the legal process of managing the estate (property, money and possessions) of an individual that has passed away.

An individuals estate includes property, money and possessions.

What does probate involve?

Before the assets of the deceased can be shared among those that are named in the will, the executors or next of kin may have to apply for probate first.


The process can be broken down into five stages:

  1. The first stage is identifying the deceased’s assets such as property, and their liabilities such as outstanding debts. This will determine the overall value of the estate.
  2. The second stage is paying inheritance tax to HM Revenue & Customs where necessary, and submitting the correct inheritance tax return.
  3. The third stage is applying to the probate registry for the Grant of Representation. This confirms the legal authority to administer the estate of the deceased. After the grant has been issued, the process of liquidating assets, settling liabilities, paying administration expenses, and remaining taxes would begin.
  4. The fourth stage is preparing the deceased’s accounts showing all payments in and out of the estate, and the remaining balance that will be distributed among beneficiaries.
  5. The final stage of the process involves transferring the remaining assets to the beneficiaries named in the will.
Executors are tasked with preparing the deceased’s accounts and distribution of assets.

Losing a loved one is a difficult time, but this time can become even more complex if the deceased’s estate is not managed correctly. In most cases, a probate is essential in order to be sure that you are paying the correct inheritance tax to the government. The amount of tax you pay depends on the overall value of the estate.

Probate applications can take between 4-8 weeks to process, so it’s important that you do not make any significant decisions about the deceased’s estate until you have received the grant of probate, also known as letter of administration. Copies of these should be sent to the organisations that hold assets for the deceased, for example their banks.

Once you have probate, the executors of the estate will be able to access any financial assets to pay any outstanding debts and taxes. After liabilities and taxes have been paid, the remaining assets can then be distributed as detailed in the will. If the deceased had no will, the remaining assets will be distributed according to the law.


T K Williams-Nelson

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Five Ways To Balance Working From Home

As we push through our third lockdown (or fourth, who knows?) here in the UK, we have been forced to adapt our routines to fit around working from home on a long-term basis. It has been far from easy, but these five tips have allowed many people to find some form of balance.


1. Prioritise using your calendar

Keeping track of the day and the time can become difficult when working from home on a long-term basis. Working from your calendar allows you to set reminders for tasks that you may have forgotten about on the day or week that they need to be completed. If you’ve been struggling to stay on top of things during lockdown, rest assured that you aren’t the only one. Using you calendar more can ease the pressure of trying to remember everything you need to do.

2. Break down your workload into small tasks

It’s easy to think that working from home means you can get a lot more done because you are in your own space. For some people this is the case, but for others, working from home can allow them to become complacent and less productive compared to if they were working on location. Breaking down your workload for the week into smaller tasks can help you achieve more than if you were to attempt tackling your workload all at once. Being stuck indoors can become a drag, and it is easy to start the procrastination process, but completing at least two tasks a day is better than completing no tasks at all. Tailor your workload to your new environment, not to what you were used to doing before working from home.

Working from your calendar and breaking down your workload can make work easier overall.

3. Schedule regular breaks

Many are the first to admit that when working from home, they can get sucked into what they’re working on and forget to take regular breaks. When working from home on a long-term basis, it is absolutely essential that you make the effort to take regular breaks. Whether that may be to have something to eat or to stretch your legs, sitting in one place for extensive periods of time can disrupt your posture and cause you to overwork because you are in a comfortable space.

4. Get some fresh air

Imagine working from home 9-5 for five days a week and not going outdoors to get some fresh air. It wouldn’t be ideal for you physically or mentally. Taking a walk around the block or doing your weekly shop allows you to get out of the house and take your mind off work for a while. The lockdown has kept us isolated for long periods of time, and many people have become used to staying indoors. There is nothing wrong with being cautious, but fresh air and some sunlight can make a great difference to your mood.


5. Set a clock off time for yourself

Setting a clock off time is the most crucial point of all. If you are a freelancer or self-employed, it can be very tempting to work on your projects all day. Even more so if you enjoy what you’re working on and want to get as much done as possible while you have all this time on your hands. This approach to work can be disruptive to your usual work and sleeping pattern. We all hope to be released from lockdown soon, so it is important to maintain some routine as best you can so you don’t suffer a burn out.

Set a work routine that works for you.

It has been a stressful year for all of us here in the UK, and all of us across the world. It is essential that we stay positive and believe that we will all prevail. Thank you to all our readers for sticking around through these hard times.

T K Williams-Nelson

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Why Over 18’s Should Consider Making A Will

Whether you’re in your early 20’s or in your late 50’s, making a will is necessary if you would like a say in how your assets are shared after you have passed away. If 2020 has shown us anything, it’s that anything can happen at anytime, and it doesn’t hurt to be prepared for the worst.


Here are four reasons why all those over 18 should consider making a will:

  • With developments in technology, more people are able to start earning substantial amounts of money from a younger age. From influencers to bloggers, the internet and the rapid consumption of media, there are easier ways to become wealthy compared to 20 years ago. In the event of something happening suddenly, a will lets your family know how you would like your assets to be shared. You can update your will as you wish at anytime.
  • A will is important if you have people that depend on you financially e.g. children or other family members. It can ease the pressure of distributing assets during an stressful time. It also let’s beneficiaries know where they stand regarding what they are entitled to.
Creating a will can make the bereavement process easier on your loved ones.
  • Having a will can help reduce the amount of inheritance tax that you have to pay to the government after you have passed away. Inheritance tax is compulsory for those with an estate worth over £325,000. If your home is left passed on to your children or grandchildren, the inheritance tax threshold can increase to £500,000. Outlining your wishes can simplify this process for your executors in future.
  • If you are young and suffer with a long-term health condition, it would be beneficial to create a will in the event of sudden death. Regardless if you have many assets or not, you may still want a say in how you are laid to rest and having a basic will can let your family know your requests.
If you have a long-term health condition, a will can outline your wishes in the event of sudden death.

It’s never easy think about the process after death, but it is necessary to ensure that your wishes are carried out in the best way possible. Although a will does provide security for your assets, it does not mean that others can’t contest it if they disagree with what has been outlined. In addition to a will, something to also consider is appointing some as your lasting power of attorney.

T K Williams-Nelson

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Six Simple Budgeting Tips For Couples

Budgeting on your own can be difficult, however in a partnership, managing finances comes with a new set of challenges. Here are six budgeting tips for couples that can ease financial pressure, and make more time for the things that matter most.


1. Communicate with your partner about finances openly

When in a relationship, your finances become merged to an extent depending on your circumstances. Communicating openly with your partner about your money management and encouraging them to do the same can help you both avoid unexpected expenses.

2. List and monitor joint outgoings regularly

Knowing what joint expenses allows you to manage your money better as a couple, but also allows you to budget better as an individual. Your income sources should be the main focus of your budgeting, and your expenses should never exceed this figure.

Saving Tip: Start saving your small change after your weekly shops instead of lump sums.

3. Make significant decisions as a couple

Decisions that involve joint finances should be made as a couple. Budgeting can be extremely complex if your partner may be overspending in some areas or making large purchases without your knowledge. Again, it comes to communication.

4. Learn eachothers spending habits

Whilst your partner may like to eat out often, you might like to splash out on self-care instead. Getting to know your partners spending habits allows you to budget more effectively. You’ll know where you need to cut back and where you can be more flexible with your finances.

Saving Tip: Set up a standing order to automatically save each month.

5. Categorise your budget plan

Breaking down your budget plan into different categories makes it easier to manage your money as a couple as well as individually.

Examples of categories could be:

* Utilities

* Savings

* Childcare

* Investments

* Food

* Recreation

6. Plan out your shared goals

By planning together, you are building together. Having a set of shared goals can help with budgeting as a couple. For example, reducing your spending when it comes to eating out because you’re both saving towards that dream holiday can get you on a plane sooner rather than later.

Saving Tip: Save as a couple as well as individually.

Managing finances as a couple can play a significant role in how happy you both are in your relationship. Once you both find the best routine for keeping track of your money you will have a clearer vision of where you are now, and where you want to go financially.

T K Williams-Nelson

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How To Protect Your Intellectual Property

It’s one thing to know what intellectual property is and another thing to decide what protection is right for you and your work. As discussed in our previous post, there are different ways to protect different types of work.

Creators get some rights automatically and other protections require you to apply. In the event that someone tries to steal or copy your work, having the right protection in place will make it easier to take legal action. The type of protection you can get is dependent on what you have created.

If your work is protected, you are entitled to take legal action against those who copy or steal it.

Top tips for protecting your intellectual property:

  1. It is best to not share your work until it has been registered.
  2. In the event that you do need to share your work before it has been registered, you should use a non-disclosure agreement.
  3. More than one type of protection can be associated with the same product. For example, you can register your business name and logo as a trade mark, and copyright the images or drawings of your products associated with that business.
  4. Be prepared for the costs of taking legal action in the event that someone copies or steals your work.

The different types of intellectual property protection are:

  • Copyright

Examples of intellectual property include, but are not limited to, writing and literary work, music, art, photography, films, web content and sound recordings.

  • Design right

Example of intellectual property is the shapes of objects.

Both copyright and design right are automatic protections that are acquired when you have created an original piece of work.

Other protections that require you to apply are:

  • Patents

Examples of intellectual property include, but are not limited to, inventions and products such as tools and machinery. Applications can take up to five years to be processed.

  • Trade marks

Examples of intellectual property include, but are not limited to, product names, logos and jingles. Applications can take up to four months to be processed.

  • Registered designs

Examples of intellectual property include, but are not limited to, the appearance of a product such as shape, packaging, patterns, colours and decoration. Applications can take up to one month to be processed.

Copyright is an automatic protection for specific types of work.

Protecting your intellectual property can be costly, but it is worth it when you consider the time, effort and money that you have invested into creating an original piece of work. For further information about the type of intellectual property protection you have, or think you may need, you can contact patent or trade mark specialist.

T K Williams-Nelson

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What Is Intellectual Property?

We’re back with our first post of 2021 and we’re getting straight into discussing the topic of intellectual property. With an unpredictable year ahead of us it’s important to ensure our work is protected in the ways that it needs to be. From musicians to photographers, your work is your creation, and this article tells you what you need to know about what intellectual property is and how it works.


What is intellectual property?

Intellectual property is work that you have created through your own thought process e.g. a story, a business idea, an invention or a symbol. Having the right intellectual property protection allows you to protect your work from others who steal or copy it.

Copyright is automatic for writing and literary works, films, web content, art, photography and more.

Different types of intellectual property protection:

  • Copyright
  • Patents
  • Designs
  • Trade marks

You get some intellectual property protection automatically, but other require you to apply. There are also requirements that have to be met for the protection you have to apply for.

You own intellectual property if you:

  • have created the work.
  • have purchased the intellectual property rights from the creator or the previous owner.
  • have a brand that is a trade mark e.g. a well-known product name.

Intellectual property can:

  • have more than one owner – for example, two partners in a business can share the intellectual property of a product they both created.
  • be sold or transferred – for example, an author can sell the rights to their book to a production company for media purposes.
Protecting your work can be costly, but it is always worth it.

If you’re self-employed, you own the intellectual property to your work even if the work was commissioned by someone else. For example, if a client commissioned and artist to paint a portrait, the artist would usually hold the rights to this work unless a contract states otherwise.

You would not usually own the intellectual property rights for work that you have created whilst working for someone else.

T K Williams-Nelson

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Five Ways To Save Money As A Small Business

2020 has been a great year for some businesses and a crushing year for others. Many companies have had to close down or re-adjust their practices to continue trading. According to research, approximately one quarter of all businesses have temporarily closed or paused trading due to the pandemic in the UK since April 2020. Over 82% of these business closures were from the arts, entertainment and recreation sectors, compared to 3.5% of human health and social health businesses (Statista, 2020).

Being a small business within any industry during these times can be challenging. Here are five ways that small businesses can save money, reduce stress and flourish.


Outsource work

One thing that can be stressful for small business owners is trying to do too much on their own. Running a business comes with many different roles that can’t all be fulfilled by one person. Outsourcing work to independent contractors and freelancers allows the right people to focus on the right things for your business.

There are freelancer platforms with thousands of experts waiting for new clients. People Per Hour and Fiverr are two of the best freelancer platforms for anything from social media management to graphic design. Take advantage of easy access to experts from around the world to reduce your employee expenses or your workload.

Hire smart but inexperienced

Experience is great but it costs more. Small businesses can benefit from hiring smart candidates that lack in experience. These candidates are more likely to have the drive and dedication you’re looking for because they are eager to get to work. It also helps you save on employee expenses because you’re able to set an entry-level salary. When looking to fill a new role, take a look at recent graduates and freelancers that could be a good fit for the position.


Take advantage of free resources

As a small business, free resources are a gold mine. If you’re thinking about creating a new business plan, you can find 100’s of business plan templates tailored to your specific business to help get you started. If you need information on how to save money as a small business, then this free blog is for you. When you need something, think about what free resources may be available before you spend and take advantage of them.

Save money on shipping costs

Shipping costs can add up for any small business. A great way to monitor and manage your shipping costs is to have a designated day or multiple days when you ship your products each week. Not only does this allow you to monitor the amount of orders shipped each week, but it allows you to to manage your shipping expenses in an easier way.


Think beyond the money

Money isn’t the only thing that can be used in exchange for services. If you’re an expert in your craft, then use these skills to negotiate. There are people that are willing to accept the services or products that you offer in exchange for the services and products that they offer. Thinking beyond the money can open more doors for your small business, and potentially bring you new customers along the way.

Being a small business owner has its challenges and its rewards, but these quick tips can help you maximise the rewards. Small businesses are essential for a fully functioning economy, and Time is Money Media aims to help you flourish through the hardest times with the best tips and tricks to keep you going.

T K Williams-Nelson