The Brand

In 2017, Tannika K Williams-Nelson self-published her third book, Time is Money. The book is based on business and self-development, drawing upon the stories of young black men involved in business and the creative industry. The release of the book generated so much positive feedback from readers that people began to ask Tannika for business advice, money management tips and other questions related to the contents of the book. Not only did young entrepreneurs and creatives find the book helpful, but they saw Tannika as a reliable source of helpful information. 

In 2018, Tannika launched Time is Money Media to officially provide financial literacy,  business and money management tips to all those who need it. From blog posts to interactive workshops, the aim is to build on what people already know and encourage them to utilize their skills to excel in their own lane.

The Founder

T K Williams-Nelson – Author, Creative & Entrepreneur

Everything I’ve learnt over the years has been through experience, extensive research and hard work. Everyone deserves to know how they can make their time and money work for them. I am constantly developing Time is Money Media to provide information and support to those who know the sky is the limit.

T K Williams-Nelson

Our Team

Our team are dedicated to providing you with the best tips and tricks to make the most of your money on a personal or business level. Our premium content features some of the best money and business management experts in the game to help you it the targets your aiming for.


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