As you all know, mental health is a big topic for me. The coronavirus pandemic has the world on edge during isolation, so I want to share five tips that will help you stay productive and look after your mental health at the same time.

During this time it can be easy for those with mental health issues to relapse. Keeping the mind stimulated is essential to try and maintain some balance at a point in life where everything is uncertain.


1. Burn lavender incense

This is a ritual for me every night. Lavender calms the mind and allows the body to relax in an organic way. For those who are working from and find it difficult to focus with everything that is going on, this could help you get the mind space you need.

Holland & Barratt and local pound shops stock lavender incense sticks for affordable prices.

2. Work on old projects

The feeling of accomplishment is great for those suffering with mental health problems. Aiming to complete something you’ve been putting off for a while can make you feel a sense of achievement even though you’re unable to share it how you want to.

Go back to that book you’ve been meaning to write or start researching those recipes you were interested in last year. Turn your isolation period into a productive period. Create the feeling of making progress.

3. Keep in touch with loved ones

As we fight this health battle, it’s essential that you keep in touch with your loved ones. It’s a lonely time for us all. Many people are living alone and some people just need to hear a voice on the other end of the line.

Mental health problems are often invisible. We generally don’t know what people are going through. Looking after your mental health means caring about the health of others too. Knowing that your loved ones are doing well can boost your mood and theirs.


4. Don’t panic!

Easier said than done, I know. There’s people panic buying, leaving others without. Tensions are high as people are laid off work and the elderly are locked inside for safety. This is the perfect recipe for an anxiety attack, but you’re stronger than that. Use your isolation time to tell yourself that you are surviving through one of the worst times in history. You haven’t given up and you don’t plan to.

Look in the mirror and tell yourself some positive affirmations. Utilise breathing exercises if you plan to go outside, and only go outside if it’s absolutely necessary.

If you know if would be too difficult to go outside for the essentials you need, please turn to a neighbour. We’re all in this together.

5. Utilise social media

This is a contradiction in some way, because social media can have a negative impact on mental health. In this extreme case, creative organisations, retailers and more across the world are spreading positive energy.

We are praising our brave healthcare workers for their hard work. We are supporting those that have contracted the virus through their distress. We are finally coming together as the community we were intended to be and the unity is refreshing.


Read positive stories and engage with people. Make new friends and become part of this positive energy during a dark time.

T K Williams-Nelson

Instagram: @timeismoneymedia

Twitter: @TKWN_World

Facebook: T K Williams-Nelson


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